Our laboratory employs standard methods from standard setting institutes, such as ASTM, EPA, GPA and ISO, or improved better performing methods for reliable measurement.  We provide free consultation on analytical results.

Gas Measurement - We offer a wide array of gas sampling and measurement techniques for assured analysis of various gas samples, including natural gas, refinery gas, coke oven gas, LPG, off gas, landfill gas, biogas, headspace, gas emission and air.  Typical analyses include measurement of following components from trace to percentage levels using a small amount of gas sample and standard methods from ASTM, EPA, GPA and ISO.  

  • Methane, Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Helium, Hydrogen
  • Major saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbon gas components (C2-C6) - ASTM D-1945, D1946
  • Heating value, Relative density, Wobbe index calculation - ASTM D-3588
  • Extended hydrocarbons up to C14 compounds
  • BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylenes)
  • Oxygenates (alcohols, acetone, etc.)
  • Volatile halocarbons
  • Hydrogen sulfide, Carbonyl sulfide, Mercaptans, Sulfur-odorants, Natural gas odorants - ASTM, EPA and GPA methods
  • PAHs, PCBs 
  • Other toxic organic (TO) compounds - TO-17

Special Gas Analysis - AnSol offers many special tests not offered by other laboratories, including many direct gas analyses

  • Ammonia, Arsine, Phosphine
  • Total and speciated organic arsenic
  • Mercury (using a safe gold-coated silica sampler)
  • Hydrogen chloride, Hydrogen cyanide
  • Total organic fluorine, Total organic chlorine
  • Total and speciated organosilicon (siloxanes)
  • Other volatile organometallic components

Measurement of LP, LPG and CNG

  • Hydrocaron components and odroants in liquid propane (LP) and its gas phase.
  • Components in liquid petroleum gases at different concentration level.
  • Major components, moisture and compressor oil in compressed natural gas (CNG)
Air Quality and Environmental Analysis - We measure Total Non-Methane Hydrocarbon (TNMHC, NMHC, TGNMHC) using EPA method 25C, analyze a talored list of TO (Toxic Organic) compounds using TO-17 method, and identify and detect unknown air pollutants or contaminants using sorbent and SPME sampling techniques and GC-MS.

Petroleum or Liquid Analysis - Both GC-AED and GC-MSD analyzers are equipped with an autosampler and various sample enrichment apparatus for petroleum or liquid analysis.  Typical tests now offered include the analyses of :

  • Hydrocarbons and BTEX
  • Total and speciated sulfur
  • Simulated distillation
  • Target organic and organometallic components, such as oxygenates and tetraethyllead

GC Analysis -  We perform GC analysis using GC-TCD, GC-FID, GC-AED and GC-MSD techniques with various accessories, such as SPME apparatus, pyrolyzer and thermal desorber (TO-17 analysis).

Education, Training and Technical Support - We offer on-site training courses tailored to gas company's needs.  Individual course may include overview topics from gas property, sampling and measurement to gas quality, odorization and utilization.  We provide interactive technical support to your critical measurement operation.

Validation Services - AnSol can assist gas companies in demonstration and certification of their measuremnet protocols to assure that their procedures are adequate for the intended measurement and that all measurement equipment functions properly and is maintained correctly.  An extensive set of operational qualification (OQ) procedures will ensure that a specific instrument or analyzer is performing according to industry standards and manufacturers' specifications.  AnSol serves as a third party for gas quality and measurement auditing and consulting for the benefit of all parties, including producers, processors, transporters and end users.