Analytical Solution, Inc. (AnSol) provides a variety of customized services with succinct consultation to its customer.  Services include analysis, measurement, technical consultation, analytical project management, method development, bench scale research, instrument vendor representation and support, and expert witness.  We cater expert solutions to measurement of air quality, gas and liquid fuel quality, gas odorization and selected process parameters for control and optimization.  There are two main focuses of our services.  One is to provide analytical consultation and analytical services to companies requiring expert analytical support.  Another is to provide complete consulting and measurement services to gas-related industries.
  • Analytical Services -  Ansol equips conventional and sophisticated instruments, such as gas chromatographs with mass and atomic emission detectors (GC-MSD & GC-AED) for standard and customized analysis.   AnSol is able to provide complete and integrated analytical support by teaming with selected local laboratories for all customers' needs. 
  • Technical Consultation - AnSol's unique experience and close ties with the gas-related and energy industries as well as analytical community enable us to furnish customized consultation services for trouble shooting, measurement and data analysis.  Our technical expertise includes but not limited to gaseous fuel quality measurement, gas odorization monitoring and optimization, gas separation, energy measurement, energy utilization, environmental monitoring, air quality and analytical chemistry.
  • Analytical Project Management - We provide a complete management service for our customer's analytical projects.  Services may include planning/scheduling, determining testing requirements, performing analyses, outsourcing tests to selected quality laboratories, data compilation, data analysis and reporting.  We would like to be your central analytical laboratory for all your analytical requirements.


  • Method Development and Research - AnSol will utilize our extensive knowledge and experience in analytical and energy research areas to undertake method development and research projects supporting and enhancing our customer's technology growth.  We are proficient in developing effective and reliable analytical methods for quality control, process monitoring, and operation control and optimization. 


  • Instrument Vendor Representation and Support - AnSol can provide space and technical support to instrumental manufacturers for demonstration, training and services.
  • Expert Witness - AnSol can provide expert witness for litigation support to the Gas Industry and its customers on gas measurement, gas quality and gas odorization.  We offer extensive backgrounds and experiences in operational and litigation issues relating to gaseous fuel quality and utilization, gas odorization, leak detection and safety.