Analytical Solution, Inc. (AnSol) is a consulting laboratory providing services to companies requiring reliable and refined analytical chemistry support to their needs in product development and every day operation relating to quality assurance and trouble shooting.  Our mission is to discover and furnish analytical solutions toward the evaluation and prevention of uncertainties as well as the enhancement of process and operation performance.

Our current business focuses are analytical laboratory consultation, analytical project management, method development and analytical research, air quality, and gas quality and gas odorization measurement.  A complete analytical consulting and project management service can be tailored for chemical and energy industries, particularly for the gas industry and other industries utilizing gaseous fuel and materials.

AnSol laboratory is now equipped with a number of GC gas analyzers for a variety of component analyses.  It also features two automated and sophisticated instruments from Agilent Technologies, a gas chromatograph with a mass selective detector (GC-MSD) and a gas chromatograph with an atomic emission detector (GC-AED), for customized testing, trouble shooting, research and development.  AnSol has the capabilities to conduct micro-scale bench chemistry studies for process simulation and product evaluation.  It offers a one-stop shopping service with completeness and uniqueness together with a number of selected allied laboratories within the greater Chicago metropolitan area.